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Holy Name High School has a long standing, strong relationship with  McKeon Education Group that spans more than a decade. The services  provided by MEG and the people assigned to work with our faculty and  students have helped make Holy Name a stronger school. I am forever  grateful for their partnership and impact on our school community and  look forward to continuing our work together.

Shelbrey Blanc

President, Holy Name High School

Our daughter Casey was born profoundly deaf.  MEG has provided Casey with the opportunity to receive interpreter services in a challenging Catholic high school environment where she thrives.  We are so appreciative that MEG was able to coordinate this piece, giving our daughter the academic experience that she desired.

Sondra King
Mother of Casey King

Hearing Impaired with Interpreter Services

MEG's program has made a huge difference in our students lives and their success in school. I highly recommend MEG's services to other administrators.

Sean McAndrews

Principal, Bay Village Schools

Forty-five years of my life were spent as teacher, principal, and president of Benedictine High School. With this experience behind me, I see the value of the excellent services and programs presented by the McKeon Education Group, Inc.

The last eleven years found me serving as Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Cleveland. My responsibilities keep me in the cities of Cleveland, Lorain, and Akron. During this time, I have become familiar with the services and programs of McKeon Education Group, Inc. and find that they are beneficial to the school and to the students. McKeon Education Group, Inc. works hard for the school communities it serves. I highly recommend McKeon Education Group, Inc.!

Most Reverend Roger W. Greis, O.S.B

Auxillary Bishop of Cleveland

McKeon Education Group has proven to be invaluable to the Holy Name High School community over the years.  Their incredibly talented intervention specialists and tutors assist our students daily to become as academically successful as each student possibly can.   The special programming they provide to our students involves social-emotional learning, anti-bullying, coping skills, overall mental and physical wellness, and other intervention and prevention programs.  Our students respond so positively to these opportunities year after year.  MEG truly reinforces some of the most important life-lessons a high school student can learn.

Karen L. Carter

Principal, Holy Name High School

My experience at Bishop Hartley High School could not have gone any better with the support of MEG.  I am incredibly blessed to have such great service and people surrounding me 24/7.  The future is bright.

Casey King
Bishop Hartley Class of 2017-2018

Hearing Impaired with Interpreter Services

The Bay Village Community Diversion Program (BVDCP) has partnered with the McKeon Education Group (MEG) since 2010 to managing our Community Service Project. BVDCP is extremely pleased with the results we have seen from this approach. MEG's staff has been able to establish positive and productive relationships with many of these juveniles. This has fostered better decision making and life skills for the juveniles while providing them a trusted adult with whom they can speak honestly. 


As a result of MEG's interaction with these juveniles, we have seen fewer of these kids commit a second offense after going through the program.

Kevin Krolkosky

Detective, Bay Villiage Police Department

My son is a freshman at Villa Angela St. Joseph school. The regular Religion class for the boys has been substituted with the M.E.G. program. I wanted to tell you how much of an impact these classes have had on my son. He comes home and tells me about the stories told by Mr. Mack. These stories are resonating with him and making him think about his current and future decisions. This has also opened up an ongoing conversation between me and him that allows me to give him advice about the things that he will be tempted with in the very near future. I believe that he is truly hearing what I'm saying and I am very hopeful that he will not easily cave to peer pressure.


I would like to give a very special thank you to Mr. Mack for sharing his story today about his brother that battled with addiction and ultimately lost his life because of it. That was such a deeply personal and emotional story and I am amazed that Mr. Mack was willing to share such an intimate part of his life in order to reach these young men. Please know that his story really touched my son and he has been thinking about it all day. He just couldn't imagine what it was like to go through such a horrible experience.


The M.E.G. group has been a part of Paul's school life for many years, as you also offered services at Our Lady of the Lake School. Thank you so much for all that you do to help so many people. God Bless you all.

Janet Paciorek


Ruling Our eXperiences, Inc. (ROX) has enjoyed a successful collaboration with McKeon Education Group for over four years. Having the opportunity to partner with an organization that truly embodies their mission has been such a rewarding experience. Our partnership with MEG, Inc. has been nothing but positive from the start. They are detail oriented, professional, responsible, but above all, truly have the best interests of kids at the forefront of every decision that they make.

Lisa Hinkelman, Ph.D., LPC
The Ohio State University

Founder/Executive Director, Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX)

Employing McKeon Education Group, inc. (MEG) has been positive. I find the staff of MEG professional and pleasant to work with at our school. The owners of MEG in Cleveland, Ohio maintain ongoing communications with their employee here at St. Michael's and myself.

I high recommend and endorse MEG for employing auxiliary staff inclusive of Health Services Personnel.

Sr. Mary Michael, O.P.

Principal, St. Michaels Elementary School
Worthington, OH

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