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Academic Services

McKeon Education offers schools a variety of academic services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of students. 

MEG'S enrichment programs focus on preparing students with 21st century skills, utilizing teaching methods that promote higher level thinking skills and problem solving.  Our gifted and talented program as well as our STEM enrichment programs engage students through project-based learning and academic competitions such as Destination Imagination and others.


MEG's Special Education/Remedial/Tutoring Services program is a comprehensive program utilizing Ohio best practice strategies and techniques to assist students in meeting goals and objectives as set forth in individual plans. Our professional staff works cooperatively with classroom teachers when developing student plans of action.  MEG is an approved Jon Peterson provider that consults with numerous schools in Cleveland and Columbus.

Professional Staff:
  • Complete licensure requirements as set forth by the Ohio Department of Education

  • Work under the supervision of a Mentor teacher

  • Complete reports for school administrators and classroom teachers

  • Are committed to the school community that they serve

  • Comprehensive assessment in content area to help determine eligibility

  • Individual plan of action for participating students to meet standard-based outcomes

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Home school communication to optimize student success


Mrs. Debbie Mulhall is academic supervisor for School Aides. Mrs. Mulhall is a Cleveland State alumna with a bachelor's degree in elementary education and an expertise that only  25 years of teaching experience in public and catholic schools can mold. She specializes in implementing project-based lessons that focus on teamwork, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.


Mrs. Lindsay Zapinski is the academic supervisor for Intervention Specialists.  Mrs. Zapinski is  a graduate of the University of Dayton.  She worked as an Intervention Specialist for Lakewood City Schools for seven years while earning a Masters Degree in Education Leadership from Cleveland State University. 


Mrs. Jasmine Carlsen is the academic supervisor for tutors and title 1 tutors.  Mrs. Carlsen is a graduate of Cleveland State University with a degree in Communications/Public Relations.  She earned her post post-baccalaureate degree in education.  She has 20 years of teaching experience

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