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Mental Health Services

All MEG's student, parent and staff programs are based on the widely accepted prevention model and writing of Bonnie Bernard which is a school friendly translation of Emmy Werner and Ruth Smith's extensive research in the area of prevention and intervention.  In short, this model asserts that people will be 'protected' against harmful and destructive behaviors such as, but not limited to, alcohol and drug abuse when families, schools, and communities provide children with the following essentials:

  • Relationships with caring adults

  • Ongoing opportunities for meaningful participation

  • A sense of purpose and future

  • High expectations and purposeful support

  • Social competency and problem solving skills

  • Bonding to a school.

  • Early alcohol/illicit drug intervention programs

  • Goal based and data driven mental health counseling

  • Implementation of support groups

  • Facilitation of community court diversion programs

  • Individual and school wide crisis intervention

  • Family outreach support

  • Classroom prevention programs

Professional Staff:
  • Licensed Social Workers

  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselors

Student support services

McKeon's Student Support Services collaborates with school administration, families and community resources to provide students with every opportunity for academic, social, emotional and career success. 

School Counseling Program
  • Individual and Group counseling

  • Academic success counseling

  • Career counseling

  • Social and emotional counseling

  • Classroom group guidance sessions

  • Works collaboratively with outside community resources

  • Crisis counseling

School Psychology Program
  • Consultation 

  • Assessment

  • Intervention

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Coordination of Child Find

  • Prepare and present multifactor evaluations

  • Crisis management


Mr. Jamie Mahnic is the Student Support services supervisor for the mental health division.  Mr. Mahnic received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Ohio University and a masters in social work from the University of Akron.  Mr. Mahnic is a licensed social worker who has been with the company for eleven years.


Mrs. Jessica Merugu is the Student Support services supervisor for the school counseling division.  Mrs. Merugu received her Bachelor's degree form Baldwin Wallace and her masters of education from Cleveland State University.  She is a licensed school counselor who has worked with MEG since 2011

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